Ion Audio TTUSB 10
TTUSB10 is an high-end turntable with USB connection enabling anyone to transfer music from records to computer. On your computer, you can listen to your music, record it to CD, or transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player and take it with you.

TTUSB10 connects with ease to your home stereo with a switchable-level output. You can connect TTUSB10 to your stereo even if you don’t have a phono input – no preamp required!

ION’s exclusive software suite gives you a powerful set of tools that make transferring your music easy. EZ Vinyl Converter is the best way to record and convert vinyl directly to your iTunes music library. PC users can download a version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote® MusicID technology for free. It automatically adds album, artist, and song information for you!Ion Audio TTUSB 10 Picture

TTUSB10 also has a line input jack so you can connect other music sources such as cassette decks, and turn your other music into MP3s. Its built-in dust cover protect your turntable from dust and dirt.

Rediscover your records and take your music to go with TTUSB10.

If one realizes that converting tapes and records to a digital format must take place in real time (unlike the batch processing that occurs when a digital medium, such as a CD, is transferred to a computer), then the Ion Turntable is the way to go.

I purchased the Ion Audio TTUSB because I have hundreds of LP’s and 78’s that I need to convert to CD (and I wanted the dustcover that comes with it). I have done many conversions of audio cassette tapes (I have a tape deck connected to my computer already) so I’m very familiar with the Audacity software that was provided.

Audacity will also convert recordings made at either 33 1/3 or 45 RPM to 78 RPM digitally. If you need to record old 78’s, this is the way to go! I find that if I record an entire album with Audacity, I can then spend a few minutes dividing the original into separate files (tracks) at a more convenient time.

Both programs run in real time, so recordings must be played in their entirety. Audacity allows audio play-through as one transfers music to the computer, so a person can listen while doing other things. Audacity also gives one the flexibility to “clean” recordings of the surface scratches and dust “pops” that are inherent in LP play-back. (Audacity is a free, open source program available for download from Source Forge). It will also export files in either WAV, mp3 or Ogg Vorbis formats.

AudacityThe “Easy Vinyl Converter” software that also accompanies the turntable is very time consuming to use, especially if one uses it to break the tracks into individual files (“automatic track spacing”)– users must physically sit at the computer and manually divide tracks as they are input into the computer.

The turntable operates as exactly advertised — it’s easy to set up if you’ve worked with turntables before; the instructions provided would, I think, make set up easy even for a novice. The most time-consuming part of the set up (actually only about five minutes)was the balancing of the tone arm.

There is a separate “gain” control on the back of the turntable housing to regulate output volume (there is a pre-amp in the housing case)as well as a “turntable/line” selection switch. I connected the Ion to my stereo system’s amplifier, and was disappointed in the volume of sound during playback, until I turned the switch to “turntable”, and then the sound was just fine.

One difference between the standard turntable and the Ion is the felt pad provided for the platter; one usually expects a rubber mat, but the one provided works just fine. I had to purchase an extra long USB cable (16′) due to the arrangement I must use (the turntable is that far away from the computer, and I found one on Amazon for about $8.00 , plus shipping). If your set up allows close proximity between turntable and computer, then the USB cable provided should be sufficient.

I have not tried to connect a tape deck to the turntable as yet, but as nicely as the turntable and conversion system operates now, I would expect no performance trouble after doing so.

Ion Audio TTUSB 10